Baby naming

An opportunity to announce and celebrate such an important rite of passage

Your celebrant will work with you to create a specially crafted ceremony, witnessed by your family and friends. It will be a spiritual and heartfelt celebration of your commitment to your child’s well-being and happiness.

Our beautiful ceremonies are completely secular and seen as an alternative to a traditional baptism or christening. They have become very popular as they help fill the spiritual need for parents who are of different faiths, ideals and cultures.

Many parents prefer a non-religious ceremony, focusing on welcoming their new baby into the world and introducing him or her to their new community of family and friends. Couples preferring a celebration that reflects their child’s journey and their gratitude to be parents should consider having baby naming ceremony to mark this special occasion.

Often the parents will make a promise, similar to the promises made in celebration of marriage vows. In these promises, parents pledge to love their new child unconditionally and guide him or her through life.

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Involving your children

For new brothers and sisters gaining a new sibling is a big adjustment period. Involving them as an integral part of the ceremony gives them an important job to do! We have so many beautiful rituals and activities that make the day truly memorable.

Your baby naming ceremony will be designed to reflect your wishes as parents, with heartfelt content that is meaningful to you and your family and friends.

Involving Grandparents

Many times the parents will include the participation of the Grandparents, this is an opportunity for different generations to come together to recognise, honour and celebrate the precious gift that is your child.

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Using the HS resource area

You may choose traditional readings or civil readings, from poetry, song lyrics or literature.

Many parents like to incorporate spiritual and cultural traditions like baptisms and rituals that are important to them, giving you the opportunity to fulfill your own spiritual desires and meet your needs as a family.

Our celebrants would love to create a ceremony that reflects your special family.

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