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I do have an amazing job, I’m lucky – I’m a Celebrant.


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There are so many exciting moments to enjoy in my profession – and some scary ones too – the scary ones being a best man who’s forgotten the rings and, oh yes, believe me, that does happen, or the brides entrance music which was supposed to be Ed Sheran’s - ‘Shape of You’ mysteriously turns into the ‘Star Wars’ theme – and yes that has happened too.

But, when I meet my bride and groom for the first time it is such a special occasion, I always get excited - guaranteed. I love meeting new people, but to meet new people who are massively in love is an absolute joy. Every couple is unique and I have the privilege to lead them through the most important ceremony of their lifetime – it’s a wonderful thing - in fact it’s an honour.

So, the first meeting is a very big deal as we start to talk about the actual wedding ceremony in detail. For most of my couples this discussion is where it all begins to get a bit real - Eeeek – the scary stuff, and not surprisingly my couples get nervous.

Usually at this point in the huge list of wedding ‘things to do’, the date has been set, the perfect venue booked, the beautiful dress bought - but now come the home truths. As we sit together on skype or over a coffee in a café we get to the bit where I have to remind you that you’ve got to stand up in front of all your love ones and declare your love and commitment to each other for a lifetime. Yes, actually say it all out loud in front of loads of people live, in HD with surround sound.


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But this is my job, the bit that I’m there for, you can fall into my open celebrant’s arms and relax. We’ll talk about the fact that you haven’t got a clue what you want to say or that your fiancé also wants to pledge a lifelong vow to the Arsenal football club. We’ll talk about your worries over Sophie the flower girl’s inability to walk up the aisle without punching Olie, her cute brother who’s carrying the rings. We’ll talk about the fact you’ll cry when your Dad gives you away and that your mascara will smudge. But, most importantly this is the bit when I remind you that your beautiful ceremony, the most important of your life, is all about you and your love and nothing to be scared of. I’m here to be your knee knocking stopper, your voice steadier and your wedding rock… and I’m excited.


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