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Family celebrant Helen Farmer explains why you should consider an official welcome for your child


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In the same way that weddings bring families and friends together in celebration, it’s truly wonderful to see a new family introduce their son or daughter to the community at a baby naming ceremony.

In its simplest form, this is a non-religious christening, and offers families the chance to formally introduce their baby to the wider world. Each ceremony is written just for you, with the chance to include music, readings and rituals. I love to include a memory box, and guests can write notes on the day to put inside, which the child can add to over the years and open on their 18th birthday.


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Some parents like to give a short speech, or I can convey a message on their behalf, explain why this name was chosen, and share their future dreams and wishes for the baby.

Many parents also choose mentors and guardians for their child, and the ceremony provides the perfect opportunity for them to make promises of commitment and support throughout your baby’s life. We can also sign a certificate as a special memento.

There is no right or wrong. From a large function at a hotel, to a casual barbecue at home, the most important thing is that you feel it that fits your family, and you’ll back on the ceremony for years to come as the happiest of days, when your little one was welcomed and celebrated.


Photo credit: Helen Farmer

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