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Thinking of going overseas? We've got you sorted.

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Planning a destination wedding is a fantastic opportunity to have an awesome holiday with your nearest and dearest. But it can also add a bit more stress to the entire planning process - especially when you’re heading to another country. HS Celebrants has you covered with these ceremony planning tips for the UAE.

1. Carry On Your Wedding Dress
Remember, that wedding dress has possibly taken 5 months to hand-bead and another 3 months of ridiculous dieting to squeeze into. It is precious cargo, and isn’t check in luggage material! UAE airline carriers, Emirates and Etihad are very flexible with brides taking it as hand luggage.

2. BYO Photographer
We have a lot of brides who opt to fly in their photographers and videographers, which is entirely your choice – but with a wealth of talent on the ground in the UAE, you are literally spoilt for choice. Check out our HS suppliers to see who we highly recommend.

3. Shop Local
Shipping is expensive, especially internationally. Avoid customs fees and the risk of losing your wedding favours or other décor by working with HS recommended suppliers. We advise that you either ask your wedding planner to oversee this area or travel out to the UAE early or during your site visit.

4. UAE Law & National Holidays
Read our article on nuptial red tape and legally getting married in the UAE. And take note of the time of year, as UAE can get very hot during the summer months. Also, during specific national holidays the country is ‘dry’, meaning hotels and registered restaurants are not allowed to serve alcohol in public. The holy month of Ramadan is another occasion on the calendar where Muslims fast during the daylight hours – this month changes each year as it is based on the Hijri calendar (lunar cycle). We advise that you speak with your hotel and discuss options if your ceremony falls on one of these dates. in pint 4, please make this sentence bold - And take note

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5. Schedule a Site Visit
While the internet is a wondrous thing, nothing beats seeing a place with your own eyes. While booking your hotel room is simple enough to do without a site visit, seeing the ceremony site in person is a must. Use this time to line up your local vendors and get the ball rolling.

6. Have a Backup Plan
On the rare occasion that you actually get rain on the day of your ceremony (which is very auspicious to Bedouins in the desert). When you book your location make sure your hotel has a backup plan to avoid letting unforeseen weather (sand storm, rain, high humidity) put a damper on the day.

7. Be Prepared to Let Go
Remember this is also supposed to be a holiday and you should enjoy this wonderful adventure. Things happen at a different pace here and you will probably hear “Insh‘allah” mentioned, which means, if God is willing, it will happen. Our advice to you is, no matter what happens it will be an amazing experience, so enjoy every moment and don’t sweat the small stuff. Have FUN!

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