Helen Schrader
In memory of Helen Schrader (03.07.1953 - 29.06.2016)

Helen Schrader was renowned for creating the most unique and meaningful ceremonies both in the UAE, Middle East and as a Celebrant in Australia – she was gifted at merging a couples love story into their ceremony. Her aim was to always design a ceremony that reflected a couple’s personalities, beliefs, values and most importantly, their love for each other.

Our Mother was a seasoned professional when it came to conducting a ceremony, with a reputation for excellence. Everyone in the industry loved working on a wedding with her. We knew for a fact that suppliers and hotel staff breathed a sigh of relief when a couple chose her as their celebrant.
She always said that living in the United Arab Emirates gave her a wonderful opportunity to meet people from so many countries and cultures, she loved immersing herself in their unique wedding traditions and incorporating rituals that symbolised a fusion of cultures and customs. We admired her progressive and open approach, the way she embraced and incorporated all faiths and beliefs within the ceremonies she conducted, and approached them with a sense of spirit, commitment and sheer joy.
She truly believed her job was the best in the world and experienced pure joy out of connecting couples, families and friends, by involving them in the ceremony with meaningful rituals, readings and customs.

We wanted to create this page in memory of her great contribution to the UAE wedding industry. We have assembled a collection of some of her beautiful couples over the years and thrown in a few videos.

If you were one of Helen’s couples or an industry professional and would like to contribute to this page, then please fill out the form and upload your image or video to be included in the gallery, or you can write a comment below. We apologise in advance to any photographers whose images are displayed without a photo credit – please help us by indicating on the form below, and we will update our content.

We dedicate this collaborative page to remember an exceptional woman who touched so many lives.



Alisha2018-10-09 03:40:08

Helen Schrader was renowned for creating the most unique and meaningful ceremonies both in the UAE, Middle Eas

Naomi Cassrels2018-08-11 20:13:29

What a wonderful way to continue celebrating your dear mother, Helen would be so proud and overjoyed.

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