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Add beautiful readings, heartfelt rituals, music, guides & pen personal vows from the heart.

Using the HS resource area

  • We’ve made it easy for couple's to add beautiful readings, heartfelt rituals, select music and view helpful guides to help pen your personal vows from the heart.
  • We also have advice on how to incorporate kids into the ceremony and a specially dedicated category just for baby naming.
  • We believe that your ceremony should be vibrant, heartfelt and full of love, and above all engaging for those taking part, as well as those watching.

You can browse, and with one click add any resource directly to your Ceremony builder and HS Cart.

Add a reading...

Use our online resource area to find the right quote, poem, prose or passage.

We have some beautiful literature that can be used to help you capture a feeling or express an aspect of your relationship in your ceremony.

We have hundreds to choose from

Want to involve kids?

We’ve done the hard work for you, from readings that are suitable for kids to read or creative ways to involve them in the ceremony.

Give kids a special role to play in your ceremony

Add a unique ritual

You will fall in love with our beautiful, and heartfelt rituals, adding this element is easy – what a lovely opportunity to share this special moment with your loved ones.

Involve your mothers in your ceremony

Ceremony extras!

We’ve made it easy for couples to add additional elements to your ceremony, from popular “here comes the bride signs”, DIY printable templates, and options to order ceremony decorations.

his & her vow booklets!

Choose the perfect song

Whether you're looking for traditional music or perhaps something a little more Indy, you will find the right song that speaks to your relationship.

We’ve made it easy to organise the ceremony music to get everyone down the aisle (and back again!)

You're bound to find the right song

Plan your baby naming!

We’ve made a category just for Baby Naming ceremonies – from appropriate readings for parents, grandparents, God / guide-parents. Or Beautiful rituals for parents to keep as a memento of the day.

We have everything you need to plan your child's baby naming

It only takes a few minutes to book your celebrant. Start planning your ceremony today...

Use the HS planning tools to design your dream ceremony

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