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Plan your ceremony one step at a time, stay on track of every detail.

Choose one of our complete ceremony task-lists - That’s one less thing for you to remember.


Using the HS Task-list:

Planning your ceremony can seem overwhelming at first, but starting a to-do list is the first step.

  • Get started with our suggested lists (For baby naming, vow renewal and celebration of marriage vows).
  • Customise your own list, then, set reminders or add comments so that you and your celebrant stay on track during the planning process.

Add your own tasks to suit your ceremony!

Our lists allow you to edit or customise your own tasks. We’ve also made it easy to add extra notes, set reminders and share your progress with your celebrant. Our task-list allows for delegation so you can assign tasks to your celebrant or spouse.

Easily add your
own tasks

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Our task list lets you cross off as you go, meaning you can take your ceremony planning journey step by step. This tool is designed to help you break down your tasks, so planning your ceremony becomes simple and manageable.

Cross it off your list

Prepare for your ceremony with peace of mind…

We’ve created different lists to suit every type of ceremony, from vow renewal, celebration of marriage, even for baby naming’s - designed to help brides & parents plan for their special day. You can export the list, edit and add tasks for your own personal ceremony to-do list.

Celebration of marriage

Renewal of vows

Baby Naming

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