Linda & Mike’s stunning DIY wedding

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Couple Linda & Mike
Maria Sundin
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They have shared many memorable travel adventures, and you would be hard pressed to find a place that these off-roading enthusiasts havent explored or pitched their tent!

Linda and Mike are without a doubt two of the most down to earth couple I have worked with, I loved that they knew exactly what they wanted in the ceremony - it made it a dream to write the perfect ceremony for them.

It was a poignant time for me, as my mother Helen Schrader had recently passed away and my sister and I had continued to keep her business going. Linda and Mike were one of mum’s booked couples;and although it was a particularly challenging time, I found comfort in the fact that we were carrying on her legacy – one ceremony at a time.

I’m a romantic at heart and I love hearing how couple’s first meet, or what where the specialmoments that lead them to this point? I know it sounds cheesy but every couple has a story, and it is a privilege to weave these special memories into their ceremony.

With Linda and Mike -There was an immediate mutual attraction when they first met, one night at a Cirque du Soleil show, maybe it was her short blonde hair and vivacious personality or that she bought him a drink – whatever it was she defiantly had him captivated.

With a penchant for dashing Silver Foxes a first date was arranged, on Valentines day no less – obviously the date went well as three weeks later Linda somehow convinced Mike that he was going camping at WadiDamm – I’m not sure if the words “Glamping” were used to sell the idea, but thankfully Linda’s Mercedes SLK made it back in one piece.

Linda has said,“if it wasn’t for Mike she probably wouldn’t have time to eat – lucky for her he’s a brilliant cook and loves to take care of her! He’s witty with a great sense of humour and always makes her laugh; she has a wonderful sense of being protected, loved and supported together with the feeling that anything is possible.

Linda is positive, ambitious, a great listener and a very much a go-getter! She is extremely compassionate and has a tendency to say ‘yes’ to everyone … which is why she ends up being so busy and inevitably moving at a million miles an hour –some say “over-scheduling”. Mike is the calming influence in Linda’s life; he brings stability with his easy going and happy nature.

I loved this unique way to remember a love one –this wedding band also symbolises Linda’s late father Bill as his signet ring was used to forge her wedding band, creating something new from something old - such a beautiful way to carry his memory with you each and every day, whose precious gifts of love and influence are forever enveloped in your ring.

On November 2th, 2016 the couple had an intimate court yard ceremony and exchanged vows before a close group of family and friends at the Dubai Desert Palm

They share many memorable travel adventures, and you would be hard pressed to find a place that these off-roading enthusiasts haven’t explored or pitched their tent! Their gorgeous Land Rover even had a cameo appearance, as this was how the couple entered their wedding reception dinner!

Mike and Linda have found these magic ingredients, which have given depth and meaning to their lives – it is a wonderful achievement.

It was the writer Virginia Woolf who said, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." This was defiantly on point for this couple, as they love nothing better than sharing good food and wine, with friends and family! And of course, kicking up their heels on the dance floor. 10/10

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